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Dear Sazzy’s Ladies,

March is a month of change as life continues to change all around us as we brace for the storms that will lead us into the spring.  Some of these changes can be the beautiful flowers that Mother Nature gives us to enjoy, it can also be new additions of family members or remembering those that are no longer with us and moving forward without their guidance.  Change is a good thing in our lives, even if we may not understand it at the time.  It can give us new freedoms that we might not have ever know or dreamed about.  Take a deep breath and enjoy the spring air as it fills our lungs with new possibilities.  So, with that in mind……..

I would like to challenge my Sazzy’s Ladies to try a new piece of lingerie this spring.  We have added several new pieces of lingerie to our line.  One piece I am very excited about is our new microfiber jersey t-shirt “look”.  This is an off the shoulder piece that is perfect to wear either around the house or out and about with a pair of leggings.  If you want a sneak peak, please visit our Facebook page, Sazzy’s Lingerie or Sexy for You by Sazzy’s. And if you ladies are really nice, I will be teasing you each week with new pieces for you to look at.  Again, those can be found on Facebook.

And speaking of new additions, we are now offering CORSETS both custom and commercial.  The colors vary from beautiful blues to seductive greens and purples.  I am so excited for you ladies to see them.

You might be asking yourself why you should try a new piece of lingerie. Because it will give you the sensations of being alive like the Spring Winds that swirl around us.  Even if you don’t have “someone special” in your life, remember our lingerie is for YOU.  If you look and feel good, then you never know what can happen!

In case you haven’t noticed, in the upper right hand corner of our website is our “Thought for the Day”.  Every day, we will be posting a new thought.  Please feel free to use it in your daily life.

I am also very excited to announce more new little Cheetahs to help you ladies find the right pieces of lingerie!

Enjoy your month my dear Sazzy’s Ladies,

Donna O’ffill-Follick
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